Young Drivers: Some Things You Need to Know

(Image Source: Flickr)

There is a wealth of information out there for new young drivers, mostly about passing the test, getting a used car, or what to do about insurance. The advice in this article looks at some of the things less frequently mentioned, with just a nod to insurance.

Looking for an Affordable Vehicle

Finding an affordable vehicle is not just about the asking price, or whether it’s new or second hand, it’s really about the total cost of a vehicle. Total cost includes the asking price, as well as other costs like how many miles you will get to the litre – some cars look great and are well made, but they can eat petrol once you get them on the road.

Check out various insurer’s prices for different types of car; for example, certain cars are known to develop particular faults, so find out what these are as it could cost on your policy.

Don’t Modify Any Vehicle

Many younger drivers are tempted to add additional bells and whistles to their cars, e.g. unnecessary bumpers, spoilers, or paint jobs. If you purchase an affordable vehicle with decent fuel consumption figures, don’t be tempted to ‘pretty it up’. Modifications can not only cost more on your initial insurance policy – some types of modification can even void any claim you might need to make.

Oil and Water

Yes, we know that they don’t generally mix, but you do need both of these in your vehicle, and they need to be kept to certain levels. The best thing to do is to check your oil and water levels at least once a fortnight; weekly is preferable, and always before you embark on a long journey. Water is essential to keep your radiator working efficiently, so always make sure it is kept at the optimum level.

Add a Driver (Preferably an Experienced One)

You probably want to get the best insurance deal that you can. New drivers usually pay higher insurance premiums, but one way of saving literally hundreds of pounds on insurance is to add another, named driver. Having an experienced driver on your insurance, whether it’s your dad or someone else, is one of the easiest ways to save on your premiums.

Pass Plus is Definitely a Plus for You

Young drivers who’ve recently passed their test often benefit from further tuition, both in ability and in confidence. The Pass Plus involves extra time and money, but it can often mean a reduction in insurance costs, which can be quite high for new, young drivers. The extra test is designed to give you greater driving confidence by teaching you the following skills:

1. Wet weather driving – it really does require more patience and greater control of your vehicle.
2. Night time driving.
3. Motorway driving – this is a crucial skill for new drivers; motorway driving is not the same as driving on other roads.
4. Driving on a dual carriageway.
5. On country roads, develop the skills needed for dealing with narrow roads and bends in the road.
6. City centre driving.

Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be well on your way to being a good driver. Why not sign up for Pass Plus now?