Two In Three Drivers On The Road Would Fail Their Theory Test

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According to a recent study undertaken by Churchill, a car insurance provider, two thirds of experienced drivers in the UK would fail the theory test if they re-took it today. Interestingly, the study displayed that 34% of those that took the test failed the hazard perception part of the exam and 50% failed the multiple-choice questions, so what does this mean for our roads?

Experienced Drivers Fail the Test

To put it simply, it means that dangers and hazards that could be avoided are commonly not. As a result of this fact, this study highlights just how uninformed experienced drivers are when it comes to things such as road traffic signs, vehicle handling, accidents and vulnerable road users.

Shockingly, only 15% of drivers feel they are totally road-literate, meaning that many road signs they encounter whilst driving do not make sense to them. Half of the people taking part in the study said that the hardest part of the test were questions related to road and traffic signs.

The head of Churchill Car Insurance said, “An inability to read the road properly often leads to hesitant and unsafe driving behaviours, so we’d urge all road users to regularly brush up on their knowledge of road signs and regulations, as these are frequently updated.”

Compulsory Re-sits?

This comment very much reflects what we ourselves believe as motorists, according to new data. During this study, additional research showed that 53% of UK motorists think it should be compulsory to re-sit both elements of the theory test after some years. Thankfully, this displayed that road users want to better their driving when possible and care about keeping their knowledge of the road current.

The most suggested timeframe that was felt to be appropriate to re-take the test was just over 10 years; although a minority of 8% thought it should be every one to five years.

In line with this study are plans to update the theory and practical tests in the near future. The DVSA is currently carrying out research on how to best change the test to make it a more realistic road driving experience for learners, with things such as multi-tasking becoming a potential element to the test. The computer-based version of the theory test will also be revamped this year using CGI.

For those of you looking to re-take or book your theory test, here are a few things you should know:

Theory Test Tips

    • The theory test is split into two separate parts
    • Both of these sections need to be passed for you to qualify
    • You must answer 43 or more questions out of 50 multiple choice questions within 57 minutes
    • Questions are chosen at random and will be split into 14 sections
    • Topics will be varied You will be required to watch a series of 14-minute video clips, in which you must spot potential road hazards
    • To pass the hazard perception test you must score at least 44 out of 75
    • You have 20 minutes to complete the hazard perception element

Good luck!