Top UK Roads To Drive On When You Pass Your Test

Image Source Flickr

So you’ve just passed your driving and theory test? Well in that case, you’ll be eager to get on the road and start heading out for some adventures. Driving anywhere can be an adventure when you’ve only just passed your test, but if you’re looking for roads that are just that little bit special then you’ll want to read the below.

Here we will provide you with a breakdown of the UK’s best driving roads that you must visit upon receiving your driving license. As Britain is a relatively small country, this makes it the perfect place to indulge in a Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle style roadtrip.

Dover To Deal (A258)

This short but sweet ride through the stunning Kent countryside provides a 10-mile route that features racetrack-like bends, wide motorways and jaw-dropping views. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had on this stretch of road, but be sure to catch it at the right time. Usually the best time to drive on this road is mid-morning, giving the heated rush hour traffic a chance to cool down.

Aberystwyth To Llangurlg (A44)

If it is beautiful landscapes and a seamlessly smooth road you are looking to view during your first ever roadtrip, the A44 in Wales will provide all of that and more. This road takes you through the countryside into the west and whether or not that’s the way you’re wanting to head, the journey will make it well worth it.

Loch Lomond To Loch Ness (A82)

If you fancy yourself as a movie star, you will certainly feel the part when driving from Loch Lomand To Loch Ness, which of course is where the Loch Ness Monster claims to rest. Besides from this, the A82 provides a huge stretch of road (the longest primary A-road in Scotland) and although it may take a while to get to the end destination, the duration of the ride will be no issue when you’re accompanied with breath-taking views, magnificent highlands and smooth sheets of tarmac laid out like a red carpet before you.

The Evo Triangle (A5, A543 to B4501)

It isn’t necessary to travel all the way to Wales just to see a landscape of greenery, but it is certainly like no place other. Driving through the Evo Triangle is therefore a road like no other, surrounded by greenery and littered with roads all of which are unique in their own way. The A5 allows you to follow a pit-like straight before offering some wiggle-room around a few bends and then directing you clockwise towards the A543. By the time you reach B4501 you’ll feel as if you are in the deepest depths of Wales among the sheep and the terrain.
Even if you’ve lived in the UK your entire life, driving and experiencing these roads for yourself is sure to leave you feeling much more connected and appreciative to your home country than ever before.