Top Tips For Driving Abroad

driving-in-europe-adviceSo you’ve booked your time off work, followed the Book My Theory Test guide to preparing for a motorcycle road trip and made it official. You’re going on a road trip abroad. Driving abroad, whether on a motorcycle or in the car, can be an incredible way to see a country and have the freedom to explore at your own leisure. However, it’s important that you follow the rules, stay alert and stay safe when driving in a foreign country, so here’s some top tips for driving abroad for a successful driving holiday.

On-side When Driving Abroad

The first thing to make sure when setting out on your road trip is that you’re driving on the correct side of the road, otherwise you won’t make it very far. Remember, this will affect things such as roundabouts too. You’ll soon get used to it. Most other countries drive on the right, but here’s a map breaking it down in case you aren’t sure.

Drinking When Driving Abroad

We all know how tempting it is during a sunny afternoon on the beach to enjoy a few drinks, especially when you’re in the holiday mood. However, just because you aren’t at home any more doesn’t mean the rules change. Don’t drink and drive. Period!

And the Rest When Driving Abroad

The same goes for all the other rules too. Stick to the speed limit, carry the necessary documents, wear your glasses if prescribed, etc. No one wants to spend a day of their holiday trying to explain their driving offence to a foreign police officer when they easily could have avoided it.

Don’t Get Lost When Driving Abroad!

When driving in a foreign country it’s very likely that you’ll get lost at some point, so make sure you always carry a map, the address of the place you are staying at or heading to, and a phrase book if the country speaks a different language. If possible, plan your route for the day ahead and print the directions if you can find an internet cafe.

Be Safe When Driving Abroad

As a tourist you are far more vulnerable to crime than the locals, who probably know the tricks of the trade of robbers and the like. Avoid rough neighbourhoods, find secure car parks if possible, never leave valuables behind, and keep your doors locked whilst driving if you are in a car. You know what they say, better safe than sorry!

Stay Alert When Driving Abroad

Driving abroad can often be a lot crazier than it is in the UK, so be prepared for things like vehicles pulling out randomly in front of you and misuse of indicators. If you are involved in an accident, contact the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.

As long as you are always prepared and alert, driving abroad can be one of the best and easiest ways to see a country and hunt out the hidden gems that the regular tourists miss. Follow these simple tips from Book My Theory Test Online and you’ll have a road trip to remember.