Top Reasons NOT to Drive Drunk or Drugged

Despite the constant awareness that is being spread on the subject of drink and drug driving, the threat still continues due to drivers behind the wheel who either don’t want to listen, don’t understand the dangers or who are simply far too selfish to care.

The problem is that driving under the influence doesn’t just pose a threat to individuals, it actually puts the rest of society at risk too. People who do drive safety are affected, and so are their families. This isn’t an irregular occurrence, as many of you will know well already.

In fact, according to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. With the stats presenting something far too terrifying to even consider, the problem has often been pushed under the carpet. This ignorance is appalling, just like the drivers’ death figures of each year are too, but with a better understanding of the severity of this problem and how to prevent it there may be hope for our future drivers.

Understanding the Consequences

Firstly, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. So, if you are selfish enough not to care about others sharing the road, the thought of going to prison or spending the night in a cell should be a huge put off. Forget the material loss and damage that can be done to a car during a drunken crash, there’s also a chance that you’ll be suspended from driving altogether. The prospect of going to court isn’t a good one, especially when you’ve been caught red handed, fully intoxicated.

The brutal truth, though, is that the consequence could be death. A crash can result in more than one death – you could kill yourself, a child, a pedestrian, a mother… there’s no telling whom you will hit when you are driving recklessly, but ask yourself this: Am I OK with being a killer?

If the answer is no, the solution is simple – don’t drive under the influence.

How Is Driving Whilst Drunk or Drugged Dangerous?

Drivers who drive whilst drunk or drugged usually don’t set out to hurt anybody, which is why it is so important that all of us are aware of just how dangerous it can be and exactly why it is so hazardous.

Whether you’ve had one drink or twenty, your ability to drive becomes impaired. Of course, just how impaired you become will depend on your body weight, how much you’ve had to drink and so on, but just one tiny little slip up is enough to cause a catastrophe. Accidents on the road happen enough without alcohol or drugs having any part to play, so when this is added into the mix the outcome is far more dangerous than most can imagine.

Driving a car takes a great deal of concentration, but when your ability to focus has been numbed being behind the wheel can be disastrous. When under the influence, many people have a false sense of confidence. In turn, this makes them much more reckless than usual. Tests have shown that intoxicated drivers are more likely to swerve, speed and run red lights.

Getting home from a heavy night out is important, but so is getting home safely. Be smart – take a cab, a bus, a train or call a friend, but don’t whatever you do, drive while under the influence.