Top 5 Tips for Learner Car Drivers

Learning to drive a car is like learning to ride a bike or to swim – practice makes perfect. Once you’ve perfected it, you have a skill for life. Book My Theory Test Online has put together 5 top tips for learner drivers to help guide you through the learning process, so that you can pass you can get a few steps closer to taking your all important practical driving test.

Clutch Control

You will never get very far in your car without mastering clutch control. One of the hardest but most vital skills to learn, you have to become accustomed to the feel of your car. Clutch control becomes especially important on hills to prevent rolling back, so practice first on flat ground before moving on to gradually bigger slopes. Imagine your clutch and accelerator as a see-saw that you want to tilt in the right direction, and feel for the bite.

Smooth Braking

To avoid giving passengers a shock every time you come to a traffic light, try to perfect braking smoothly as quickly as possibly. Leave yourself plenty of time to slow down before you need to come to a stop, and familiarise yourself with the strength of the brakes so that you know the pressure they require; every car is different.

Gear Shifting

Don’t expect to be able to shift gears as quickly and smoothly as experienced drivers straight away. Knowing your car and the required gears takes time. So to avoid jolty gear shifts, try not to rush them and listen to the revving of the engine to know when you need to change. If the engine is sounding angry, you probably need to shift to a higher gear.


If you’re going to avoid accidents or facing the wrath of other drivers’ road rage, you need to learn to signal well. There’s no point signalling as you go around a corner; the drivers around you have had no warning. Try to put your indicators on at least 30 metres from the turning, and always check your mirrors as you do so.

Hazard Perception

All of the above are a lot easier to do if you are aware of the road ahead and any hazards around you. Observation and concentration at all times are key when driving, so that you can plan your next move and not be caught out by seeing a car or person pull out at the last minute. If you aren’t prepared for such things, then your smooth braking, signalling and gear shifting will soon go out the window as you play catch up and react to events around you. There’s a reason why hazard perception is included in the car theory test!

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these 5 key driving skills, the rest comes a lot easier. Make the most of driving with an experienced driver, learn from your mistakes, and when you feel ready pick a date for the test with Book My Theory Test Online.

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