Jun 14

What to Expect When Booking Your Theory Test

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If you’ve revised and studied until you feel as if your head is going to explode with all of this new car/road safety knowledge, then it sounds as if you’re ready to book your theory test. Many people get nervous when booking their theory test, but they needn’t be. Booking a theory test is very simple to do, and only takes a matter of minutes. If you feel ready to take your test, don’t put it off any longer! Continue reading →

Mar 14

Top 5 Tips for Learner Car Drivers

Learning to drive a car is like learning to ride a bike or to swim – practice makes perfect. Once you’ve perfected it, you have a skill for life. Book My Theory Test Online has put together 5 top tips for learner drivers to help guide you through the learning process, so that you can pass you can get a few steps closer to taking your all important practical driving test.

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