How to Reduce the Cost of Gaining a Full UK Driving Licence


When you want to gain a full UK driving licence, the cost can be considerable. From the provisional licence through lessons and the theory test, before taking the final exam, it all costs money. So we have put together our 4 top ideas of how you can keep down the cost of gaining your licence.

Keep On Schedule

One of the easiest ways to keep the cost of gaining a driving licence down is to ensure you keep your eye on the ball when it comes to expiration dates.

Pay for a provisional driving licence and you only have 10 years until it expires, at which time you will need to pay again if you want to carry on.

In the same way, once you have passed your theory test, you only have 2 years to pass your full test before you will need to take the whole thing again.

And once you’ve passed your full test, there is then a further 2 years limit to register your pass and get your licence before you have to start over.

So keep expiry dates in your head and make sure you stay on schedule, otherwise you are going to be paying far more.

Book Online

Keep costs to a minimum by booking your theory test and full driving test online.

Be critical about the sites you use and ensure you opt for reliable and honest sites that are not going to charge you over the odds and make promises they can’t keep.

Here at Book My Theory Test online, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices with the maximum level support for all our customers. Other sites may promise you more, even charging the earth for it, but we still deliver more for our customers.

Besides, who else is going to offer you up to 3 retakes completely free of charge on your theory test. It’s the best way to keep costs down.


Whether you are looking to take your motorcycle theory test or get your full driving licence, practice really does make perfect.

The more time you spend between lessons practicing, the fewer lessons you will need and the lower the final price.

Get on the road or study in your room. Get enough practice and you can make sure there is more money in your pocket while you have an even greater chance of success.

Shop Around

The biggest cost in driving has to be insurance. Young drivers are always going to be penalised, but by comparing many companies and haggling as much as you can, the cost of insurance can come down right before your eyes. Ring as insurance companies as possible or search online to find the best deal.

It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take much work. But by being on the ball and getting it right, will ensure getting your driving licence doesn’t leave you broke.

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