Preparing Your Motorcycle For a Trip Abroad

Motorcycles are the ultimate road trip mode of transport, and taking your bike abroad can be a fantastic experience. Wherever in the world you choose to go, ensure that you have prepared your motorcycle for the journey ahead in plenty of time before you leave. To help get you organised, here is a guide on preparing your bike for going abroad from Book My Theory Test Online.

A Good Service

Although it is an additional cost to the trip, it’s always advisable to get your motorcycle serviced before taking it abroad. The last thing you want is to be tramping around a strange town trying to find somewhere that sells a spare tyre or that can fix your engine. Check that your MOT is in date for the duration of your trip, as your insurance could be rendered invalid if it isn’t. Investment now can mean plain sailing later, and that’s exactly how you want your road trip to be, right?

Precautionary Measures

Nevertheless, something can always go wrong on a road trip, no matter how new or well-maintained your bike may be. As a result, it’s good practice for at least one of you in the group to have a tool kit that can fix any minor problems, as well as spare parts such as bulbs in case you get caught out. Also take a moment to ring up your insurance and breakdown cover companies before you travel to see what they cover, e.g. that they aren’t limited to the UK.

Packing List

Besides fresh underwear and a toothbrush, there are a few key things you need to take when travelling with your motorcycle abroad. Firstly, essential documents and paperwork including your driving license, vehicle registration document, MOT and insurance. Buy a GB sticker and display it on your motorcycle if you don’t have a GB Euro plate. Check with the Foreign Office to see if the country you are visiting requires any further documents, such as an International Driving Permit.

Background Research

Get online and read up on the driving practices and regulations for the country that you are visiting. Each country has its own standards and you don’t want to get caught out being the odd one out, it can be dangerous. Familiarising yourself with the road signs, hand signals and speed limits will mean that you find it a lot more relaxing adjusting to the new roads when you get off home soil. Get your hands on a trusty road map, as you might not be able to get GPS and internet services in some places.

By preparing yourself and your motorcycle for the exciting journey ahead you can minimise stress and risk to make the most out of your road trip. With a little research, organised paperwork and a maintained motorcycle as advised by Book My Theory Test Online, there will be nothing stopping you having the ride of your life as you head out for new adventures abroad.