Pimp My Ride: Tips on Customising Your Motorcycle

At Book My Theory Test Online we love our bikes just as much as you do, and everyone can appreciate an impressive customised motorcycle, whatever the style. When you find a bike that you love, you might feel the need to give it some personal touches to make it stand out and reflect your personality.

But before you do, Book My Theory Test Online has a few tips to help you customise your motorcycle the wise way.

Long Term Considerations

If you intend to love and cherish your motorcycle through sickness and in health as your prized possession, then customising your bike is a great way to make it unique and optimise it to suit your needs and taste. However be sure that your motorcycle is a keeper before you get to work on it. Customised bikes can have a significantly lower resell value on the market, especially if your taste is particularly niche. Just something to bear in mind before you get started…

Comfort or Appearance

When customising your motorcycle, have a think about why it is that you want to change your bike. If it is to make your ride more comfortable, it might even increase the value of your bike. Highway pegs, for example, also increase motorcycle safety by giving you somewhere to stretch your legs on long journeys. Similarly, a good seat can completely transform your ride for a much more pleasant experience. Meanwhile, superficial alterations might make little difference to the bikes performance but really get people’s attention at shows and rallies.

DIY or Call In the Experts

Some people are practical, some people creative. Some people are blessed with being both. Decide where you stand when customising your bike to make sure that you get the best results. Obviously anyone can go out and buy cool handle bars, mirrors and lights for their motorcycle, but for the more technical and wonderful ideas such a paint jobs you might need to call in some help, Pimp My Ride style. However if you do decide to DIY, here is a useful guide to get you started.

Keep it Legal!

There’s nothing worse than investing time and money into an exciting new project, only to find that it’s all gone to waste. If you want to make dramatic changes to your bike, check that you aren’t breaking any laws or regulations before you put it into action! It could save you a lot of hassle later down the line…

Hopefully with these tips, you can not only make a decision on customising your motorcycle, but also ensure that you go the right way about it. With all the boring cautions out of the way, you can focus on getting creative and giving your bike a piece of your own personality! Customising bikes are great projects for qualified drivers, so get your test out of the way and book it today.