Motorcyclists – Staying Safe on the Road

When being out and about, there are a few key things that motorcyclists should do to ensure they get from A to B hazard free. Staying safe on the road needn’t be a challenge though. Book My Theory Test Online is here to give you some simple tips for avoiding danger and knowing your bike that can transform your driving experience.

Get to Know Your Bike

Motorcycles today can pack a hell of a punch, and whilst you probably want a bike with great performance, don’t be overconfident during the time that you are familiarising yourself with your vehicle. Motorcycles accelerate faster than any other vehicle on the road, so it isn’t like driving a car – at high speeds you are much more likely to slip and lose control. And when investing in your first motorcycle, shop around and test them out to find one that is right for you.

Dress Appropriately

The weather is a powerful force and is an important factor in motorcycle safety. Protecting yourself from the elements is vital if you are riding long distances, especially from the wind and cold. Find yourself some waterproof leathers and a sturdy helmet and who knows, one day they could save your life. Statistics show that usage of motorcycle helmets significantly decreases fatal accidents on the road, with 1829 lives saved in 2008 alone.

Hazard Perception

Being able to identify potential dangers quickly and react accordingly isn’t just for the fun of your theory test. When it comes to being on the road, hazard perception is one of the most important skills and makes the difference between experienced drivers and novices. Slow down when the road is slippery, don’t overtake in heavy traffic, and keep an eye on the weather. Make sure that you are well aware of the everyday cautions that motorcyclists have, and how to act when you face them.

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Maintain Your Bike

Make sure that you check the condition of your bike regularly to ensure that it is road ready and safe the drive. Spending just a few minutes every week or two, or before a long journey, looking over your lights, brakes, horn and tyre pressure, could save your life. Hazards such as under inflated tyres or worn out brakes can affect the bike’s performance dramatically, whilst having faulty lights, indicators or a horn can confuse other drivers around you and make you less noticeable on the road.

At Book My Theory Test Online, we understand that you want to make the most of your motorcycle throughout the year, come rain or shine. By using your head and preparing yourself for every eventuality, you can reduce the risks that motorcyclists face and stay safe on the road. Work on your hazard perception, keep your bike in good shape and dress appropriately to ensure you and your bike can be road ready in no time.