Motorcycle Theory Test: Preparing For Your Multiple Choice Exam

Before you can apply for your practical test to become a qualified driver, you need to pass your theory test. Comprised of two parts, a multiple choice section and a hazard perception test, you must pass both in the same sitting in order to pass your theory test overall. At Book My Theory Test Online we want to help you to prepare as quickly and as efficiently as possible for your test, so we’ve got a few tips to prepare for the multiple choice exam.

Study Timetable

Preparing for your motorcycle theory test alongside work, school, university or housework can be challenging, which is why it is important to prioritise study time for your theory test. Practice is the key to passing your multiple choice exam, so the more time you can spend going over the Highway Code and testing yourself on questions, the more likely you are to have success when you sit the real thing.


Learning Materials

Study is so much easier when you have the right materials to help you. Invest in some highlighters and flashcards for your revision notes and find plenty of learning aids, programmes and books at Book My Theory Test Online to walk you through the rules of the road.

Whether you are a visual learner, believe in practice makes perfect, or like to just sit and go over the facts and figures, we have plenty of materials to help you learn in a way that suits you.

Memory Games

Since the multiple choice exam relies much upon memorising the Highway Code, facts and figures, a lot rests upon your ability to retain large amounts of information. Improving your memory can help no end when it comes to passing your theory test, so developing mnemonics to remember key points if a great idea for example. Brain games, healthy eating and looking after yourself can all boost your brain power for passing your motorcycle multiple choice exam.

Be Observant

Much of what you need to know for your motorcycle theory test can be learned by keeping alert when travelling around day to day.

Watching the behaviour of other drivers, observing road signs and markings, and listening to experienced drivers can all help you to brush up on your knowledge for your multiple choice test without even having to pick up a book.

Passing your multiple choice exam for the motorcycle theory test is all about preparation. Setting aside plenty of time, learning in a way that suits you, and practicing lots of past questions, are all key to success. With these few tips from Book My Theory Test Online, as well as help from our extensive range of learning resources, you can be half way to completing your theory test. And when you think you’re ready to put yourself to the test and take the exam itself, you can find a centre near you for a good price at Book My Theory Test Online.