Motorcycle Theory Test: How to Know When You Are Ready

At Book My Theory Test Online, we understand that a lot of pressure rides on preparing yourself for your motorcycle theory test, and when you are eager to get out on the road, it is hard to judge when you are ready to take it.

Here are a few tips to help you decide if it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

For any exam or test, preparation is a very individual task that has no designated time frame or structure. We all know that one person who can stay up all night the day before a deadline and memorise everything, whilst for a lot of people it can take months of hard work to feel ready to sit an exam. Go with your gut instinct and when you feel ready, book your theory test immediately.

Memory Games

One of the best ways to judge whether or not you are ready to take your motorcycle theory test is to practice past questions with memory games. Give yourself 10-20 questions, guess the answers, and if you consistently score over 75%, it is time to visit Book My Theory Test Online.

To pass your motorcycle theory test you need to score 43/50 on the multiple choice section and 44/75 on hazard perception, so don’t get too caught up in getting it right every time.

Don’t Lose Heart

Many people don’t pass their motorcycle theory test first time, or even their second, third and fourth time. Don’t lose motivation and confidence if you fail your test, a number of factors might have come into play.

Tiredness, stress, difficulty of the questions and of course lack of preparation can all affect exam performance. Keep practicing, work on your memory, and don’t hesitate to book your theory test again as soon as possible. At Book My Theory Test Online, you can find learning aids, DVDs, books and software to help you get the facts straight.

Go For It

You can never truly know if you are ready to take your motorcycle theory test until you do it. At Book My Theory Test Online, we recommend that as soon as you are familiar with the content and feel able to answer the majority of questions right consistently, you should book your test. Give yourself a deadline to face and with the date looming, you can be sure that you will put in as much effort as you need to enter the room feeling ready. Who knows, you could pass with flying colours.

The sooner you pass your motorcycle theory test, the sooner you can get down the the final stages and become a qualified driver. By no means, your preparation time shouldn’t be rushed, but use your instinct and have confidence in yourself when you think you might be ready to take it. And when the time comes, visit Book My Theory Test Online to find your nearest test centre.