Most Common Motorcycle Test Mistakes

Passing your motorcycle theory test and practical test can be tricky while getting through both first time is even more difficult. It can sometimes seem like the exams go out of their way to trip you up, but that really isn’t true, they just want to make sure that you’re ready for the road.

The most common mistake in failing either test is, without a doubt, insufficient preparation. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. But other things can trip you up, so Book My Theory Test Online are here to warn you what you might be doing wrong.

Motorcycle Theory Test

Here the key is mostly practice, practice, practice. Test yourself thoroughly before the real thing and work out where you need to brush up on your knowledge, and you should feel confident for the real thing:

– Hazard Perception (Rhythmic Clicking)

In their eagerness not to miss a single hazard, many people tend to go a bit trigger-happy on the mouse. By doing so, you lose credit for any hazards that you correctly recognise and score no points, a guaranteed fail!

– Multiple Questions (Road Signs)

One of the biggest slip-ups that learners taking their motorcycle theory test face comes with road signs. Perhaps because some of them are so obvious and familiar, it tends to be overlooked by many. However pick out the ones that puzzle you early on and make a special effort to learn their meaning…it could just save you on the day!

Motorcycle Practical Test

Whilst you can make up to five minor faults on your practical test, you won’t get away with any big mistakes, and the minors can soon add up. Here are a few common areas where people tend to fail:

– Hazard Perception Again

When taking your test the examiner is looking to see that you are road safe from start to finish. This includes safety checks before setting off, and hazard perception during the drive. Make sure that you are extra vigilant about checking mirrors and blind spots, especially before pulling out or performing manoeuvres.

– Key Manoeuvres

Everyone has a certain manoeuvre that they find particularly tricky, but don’t let it trip you up on your motorcycle test. Parking and U-turns are common obstacles to passing your motorcycle test, so make sure that you have these down to a T.

Take Control

Most people can ride along at 40 mph no problem, but the real skill comes when driving your motorcycle at a slow pace. The examiner wants to see that you can keep your motorcycle balanced and controlled when, for example, in traffic or slowing down, so make sure that you can do this well before taking your practical test.

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As the common motorcycle test mistakes above have shown, passing your motorcycle test is mostly a matter of practice and preparation. Find plenty of materials to help you do both at Book My Theory Test Online, and when you’re ready, we can locate a local test centre too.