Is Learning to Drive Getting Harder?

Many people believe that learning to drive in the UK is getting harder. Once a simple driving exam with no theory test involved, now we have to perform a series of maneuvers, directions, and loop de loops (well, maybe not) before we’re given our shiny pink license. But is learning to drive really as hard as we think it is?

The truth is, there are many other countries across the world who have harder processes in place when learning to drive. There are at least 11 countries who have stricter rules and processes, with around 5 who have an easier process, and 2 who are about even.

Colombia, for example is a very difficult place to learn to drive. The first thing you do is complete an exam that will determine your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and road safety. You can then get a learner’s permit and begin your lessons. After 40 hours of training, you need to take a road skills test, when you can then upgrade to a provisional license. It doesn’t end there – you then need to apply for a full license with conditions after you’ve turned 17 or held the provisional for 6 months, whichever comes first. You will only be able to hold a full driving license once you’ve turned 21, with another road skills test. Do you still think learning to drive in the UK is getting harder? America, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, and Germany are just a few more of the countries who have it much harder than us. We should think ourselves lucky!