Introduction to the Motorcycle Theory Test

At Book My Theory Test Online we understand that getting past the first vital stage of your motorcycle test can put a lot of pressure and stress on the learner. You want to qualify as quickly an as smoothly as possible to get out on the roads and enjoy the joys of motorcycles. Passing your motorcycle theory test relies on understanding exactly what it involves and how best to prepare yourself for it, so we have provided you with a simple walk through of what the theory test entails.

What The Motorcycle Theory Test Involves

Before you can book your practical test, the authorities need to be sure that you know the rules of the road and can react to the challenges that driving throws at motorcyclists daily. Therefore the theory test is composed of two sections:

1. Multiple Choice

2. Hazard Perception

You must pass both on the same day in order to move on to the next stage of the learning process.

Multiple Choice

Most learners find the multiple choice section of the theory test the easiest, as you are able to practice these in advance to help familiarise yourself with the layout and of course the answers. Nevertheless, in the exam itself you are given several practice questions before the real thing to ease you into the mode. Each question gives you a selection of answers from which to choose the correct one and sometimes you will be given case studies over which several questions will be based.

You have 57 minutes in which to complete the multiple choice exam, and you must score 43 out of 50 in order to pass.

Hazard Perception

Usually considered the more difficult of the two sections, the hazard perception takes experience and relies upon your reactions to unforeseen events. You can download software to practice these scenarios on your computer or tablet and Book My Theory Test Online has several materials to help you prepare. Before the test begins you will be shown a video clip to demonstrate how the hazard perception works, before moving on to 14 clips where you must identify the hazards yourself.

Each hazard that you spot earns you up to 5 points, depending on how early you spot it. The later you identify, the lower the points.

Clicking continuously won’t do you any favours, you will score 0 for that clip. The pass mark for hazard perception is 44 out of 75.

Provided that you have put in the necessary practice and preparation beforehand, there really is no reason to worry about your motorcycle theory test. Working on your reaction times and going over past papers for the multiple choice questions can ensure that when it comes to the real thing, you know what to do and have a good idea of what they expect from you. Find plenty of learning materials at Book Your Theory Test Online, and when you think you are ready, use us to book your test!