How to pass your UK driving theory test 1st time|*Avoid COVID Delays*

Thousands of learner drivers who haven’t been able to take their practical driving test will have to retake theory tests in 2019. This is because of a reduction in the number of learner drivers who can sit their theory test first time, which has led to delays at the start of 2019. The change was introduced by DVSA as part-way through 2018 and has seen around 2,000 fewer learner driver applications being approved than last year – meaning those that are approved need to re-sit an additional hour long (or two) written exam before they can take a 30 minute practical driving test.

1.Encourage learner drivers to be better prepared when they take their car driving test

1. Encourage learner drivers to be better prepared when they take their car driving test. Learner drivers often forget that the key reason for learning how to drive is so that they can pass their driving test first time, or avoid any delays in getting a licence at all!

UK Driving tests restart but learner drivers face long waits

The learner driver test will be resuming for new applicants from 1st September, with learner drivers being warned that they face long waits to take their driving tests.

Help Stop Learner Abuse!

Learner abuse is a major problem in the learner driver market. It’s not just learner drivers that suffer from this, but their passengers too!

Stuck in neutral – learner drivers face delays of up to five months for driving tests

Learner drivers face delays of up to five months for driving tests, a new study has found. The research by motoring organisation the RAC Foundation said learner drivers are more likely to be held up in traffic and encounter other problems on their way to getting their test.

Calls for DVSA to extend theory test pass certificate to end ‘injustice’ for learners

The learner pass system has been described as “injustice” by learner drivers and the trade body for driving instructors. They claim that learners are failing their theory test because they have been put off taking lessons due to waiting for a certificate of competence (COC) – which is issued after passing a theory test.

Learner drivers face difficulty booking tests this year as demand goes through the roof

UK learner drivers face difficulty booking tests this year as demand goes through the roof. The government is planning to increase learner driver test numbers by nearly a third next year, with the latest figures showing that more than half of driving schools in England and Wales have already reported an increase in their waiting lists for new pupils. Some are reporting they are turning away prospective learner drivers because they simply cannot cope with demand from those trying to book a test before Christmas.

The huge lockdown backlog of learner drivers waiting to take their tests

UK learner drivers are waiting up to 6 months for their driving theory test, which is the main reason why so many learner drivers fail their test. If you’re a learner driver and have been waiting too long to take your driving theory test then you need help as soon as possible. It’s not just about passing or failing, it’s also about how long you’ll be delayed in order to pass!

In this guide we will show how we passed our UK learner licence first time with no faults on both tests (1st and 2nd) after being stuck at #2 spot for 6 months!

With this guide that has been written by me personally I hope that everyone can avoid any delays they may face during there learning.

How to pass your UK driving theory test 1st time | *Avoid COVID Delays*

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Year of delays: how UK government services seized up in the Covid crisis

A number of industries were severely affected by the Covid crisis, which was caused by a computer error that delayed data processing at the National Health Service. In many cases, people had to wait longer for medical treatment and prescriptions than they should have done. For example, more than 600 hospital patients in Scotland waited more than two hours to be seen during this period.

How are the DVSA working to ease the backlog?

The dvsa is working to ease the backlog of driving tests. To help drivers, the dvsa has said that it will be reducing waiting times for theory test passes in England and Wales. It hopes to complete this by 2021 as part of its five-year plan.

Calls for DVSA to extend theory test pass certificate to end ‘injustice’ for learners

DVSA needs to do more to support learners who are facing the iniquitous situation of being unfairly denied their theory test pass certificate.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is under pressure from learner drivers who have been refused a driving licence because they failed a test, yet were able to pass when it was taken again after some weeks or months. This follows an investigation by the BBC’s Watchdog programme which found that three-quarters of cases examined showed significant errors in assessment, with one driver having his or her licence revoked despite passing on two occasions.

5 Common Concerns When Getting Ready for Your Theory and Driving Test During COVID

The theory test is a crucial step in the road to getting your driving licence. It’s the first time you will be required to prove that you have enough knowledge of road safety and traffic rules, as well as being able to operate safely on UK roads. The theory test consists of 60 questions (out of 120) which are split into four sections:

1) Visual observation – 25%

2) Road signs and markings – 15%

3) Traffic control devices such as lights, signals and crossings – 10%

4) Knowledge about traffic laws- 20%. With regards to covid training we always recommend that you book at least one day prior for covid tests so it’s possible for us do a full assessment on what your weaknesses are and how we can help you pass your theory test.

5) Road signs, road markings and traffic control devices

The reason the theory test is split into four sections with each section having 25%, 15% and 10% of questions is to make it easier for you in case have been given a revision day.

The theory test is split into four sections, each section having 25%, 15% and 10% of questions to make it easier for you in case have been given a revision day.  If there are mistakes made, the DVSA will only assess your driving skills.

Health check: Covid fallout still causing long delays for driving tests

Covid, the driving theory test centre that has been at the heart of a long-running controversy over late delays to motorists’ tests is still causing problems for some people trying to pass their driving test. The company was fined £250,000 by UK regulator DVSA in February this year after it admitted failing to meet minimum standards in its provision of services and guidance on how best to prepare for a theory test.

The huge lockdown backlog of learner drivers waiting to take their tests

If you are currently sitting your driving theory test, then there is a good chance that you have already been put on the backlog. However, if this is not the case and you are still waiting to take your test then it’s very important that you read this article so as to avoid any delays or even worse an outright fail in getting your licence.

The huge lockdown backlog of learner drivers waiting to take their tests

When it comes to learning how to pass your driving theory test, one of the most important factors is backlog. The backlog refers to the number of learner drivers who are currently sitting in their cars waiting for their testing times. This is caused by government changes which have meant that there are not enough driving schools around and those that do exist can’t keep up with demand from learners who want lessons before they sit their tests.

Driving lessons The driving theory test is the most important of all driving tests you will sit and it’s made up of a number of different manoeuvres. These can be done on your own or in pairs depending on where you live, these are:

1: Parallel Parking – get one off to the side, other behind.

2: Curve – point vehicle at 45 degree angle away from traffic.

3 Uphill/Downhill – keep straight by touching brake gently first time as you start to go up and easing off gently as you get going down.

4: Reverse – keep straight by touching brake gently first time and ease off as you are coming back down

5: Right/Left Turn – point vehicle at 45 degree angle away from traffic.

6 Emergency Stop – use only when necessary and be clear what you are doing.

7: The ‘Road’ – a series of skills to check that the car is in working order, turn indicator on and indicators off .

8: Left Turns/Right Turns – point vehicle at 45 degree angle from traffic.

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The pass rate for the driving theory test has fallen to its lowest level in a decade. Only 47.4% of learner drivers managed to pass the test in a 12–month 2018/19 period, while 50.5% did so on their first attempt overall since 2012–13, according to DVSA statistics released yesterday (3rd September).

The number of driving theory test appointments has risen to more than four million, and the number of driving tests taken dropped by 11% in England from March 2018. Some of this could be because of new guidance when choosing a driving instructor – which long-term will help learner drivers find the best driving instructor for them. The number of people on hold waiting for a booking appointment is up 8%, so according to DVSA many learners are able to get their first test at home or elsewhere without having to travel to a test centre.

There is also more emphasis on the practical part of the driving theory test, which includes manoeuvres such as parallel parking and reversing out of tight spaces, as well as things like stopping in an emergency. The new guidance stresses that this should be taught by an instructor that has experience of teaching the manoeuvres, but also by being able to identify whether a learner driver is confident or not for everyone.

The DVSA also said that an increasing number of learners are choosing to get their theory test at home rather than travelling, with some doing so because they are unable to afford the costs of travelling further afield.