How Far in Advance Are Driving Test Dates Released in the UK?

IntroductionBooking a driving test in the UK has become a crucial task, especially as people seek reliable and low-risk transportation options amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the government’s encouragement to return to work and school, many individuals are eager to obtain their driving licenses. However, due to the high demand and backlog caused by the pandemic, securing a driving test slot has become increasingly challenging. In this article, we will explore the process of booking a driving test and discuss when new slots become available.

Booking a Driving Test

To book a driving test in the UK, individuals can utilize the online system provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on the website. The DVSA is responsible for administering both theory and practical driving tests, along with issuing licenses and conducting MOT tests. When booking a driving test, applicants will need their driving license number and a credit or debit card to pay the £62 fee. Additionally, they must possess a theory test pass certificate and their driving instructor’s personal reference number.

Lengthy Queues and Test Availability

Due to the resumption of driving tests after the pandemic-induced hiatus, there is a significant backlog, resulting in lengthy queues. Thousands of people have already booked their test appointments, making it challenging for others to secure a slot. The DVSA is continuously releasing new appointments to accommodate the demand. However, the availability of test slots is continually changing, and individuals may have to wait for a certain period before securing a suitable appointment.

Release of New Driving Test Slots

The DVSA typically releases driving test slots in advance, up to six weeks ahead. However, to meet the demand and manage the backlog effectively, the DVSA has adjusted its strategy. Instead of following a fixed release schedule, the department now releases blocks of appointments based on demand. These blocks are usually made available at 8 am on specific days. The recently released slots cover a three-month period, spanning from October to the end of January the following year.

Booking Strategy and Test Centre Availability

To secure a suitable driving test appointment, it is essential to have a well-planned booking strategy. The DVSA has introduced a helpful tracker that assists individuals in finding available test slots. This service allows users to locate nearby test centers and check the overall availability of appointments. It is important to note that the tracker updates every 30 minutes. Therefore, it is crucial to act quickly as available slots tend to fill up rapidly.

The DVSA categorizes the availability of test slots as follows:

  • Appointments available: These slots are available within the next six weeks.
  • Limited availability: Approximately 90 to 95 percent of all slots within the next six weeks have been booked.
  • Very limited availability: Over 95 percent of all slots within the next six weeks have been booked.
  • No availability: No appointments are currently available within the specified time frame.

The availability of test slots can vary depending on the location of the test center. Test centers in rural areas generally have shorter waiting times compared to those in densely populated areas, such as London. It is important to consider the driving test waiting times specific to each test center when planning your booking.

Factors Affecting Driving Test Waiting Times

Several factors contribute to the waiting times for driving tests in the UK. These factors include the time of year and the presence of cancellations. Understanding these factors can help individuals navigate the booking process more effectively.

Time of Year

The time of year has a significant impact on driving test waiting times. During the winter months, the number of available test slots tends to decrease due to the limited daylight hours. As a result, waiting times may be longer during this period. Additionally, driving test bookings often surge before and during college holidays, further affecting waiting times.


Cancellations by the DVSA can also affect driving test waiting times. In winter, tests may be canceled due to adverse weather conditions, such as frost, ice, snow, or fog. If a test is canceled by the DVSA, the individual will automatically be rescheduled for the next available slot at their chosen test center. However, this rescheduling may result in additional waiting time, potentially adding several weeks to the overall waiting period. It is worth noting that tests scheduled for the afternoon during winter months are more likely to proceed compared to early morning appointments.

Planning Your Test and Driving Instructors’ Guidance

When preparing to book a driving test, it is beneficial to consult with your driving instructor. They possess valuable knowledge about driving test waiting times within your local area. After a few initial driving lessons, discuss the following factors with your instructor:

  • Waiting times for driving tests in your area
  • The most appropriate course of lessons for your needs
  • The ideal timing for booking your practical test to minimize waiting times

Remember that passing the theory test is a prerequisite for booking the practical test. Once you have successfully passed the theory test, you can proceed with booking the practical test.

Strategies for Obtaining Earlier Test Dates

If you are eager to secure an earlier driving test date, there are a few strategies you can employ. The first step is to book the soonest available driving test appointment. Once you have secured this appointment, you can regularly check for driving test cancellations. Cancellations may offer an opportunity to reschedule your test for an earlier date. Monitoring the DVSA website frequently can help you identify these openings. Alternatively, you can contact the DVSA directly by phone to inquire about any available earlier test appointments. The automated speech recognition service is accessible seven days a week, from 6 am to midnight. Please ensure that you have your theory test certificate and practical test booking reference numbers on hand when making the call.


Booking a driving test in the UK requires careful planning and consideration due to the high demand and backlog caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The DVSA releases driving test slots up to six weeks in advance, with new blocks of appointments being made available based on demand. It is crucial to act quickly when new slots become available, as they tend to fill up rapidly. Understanding the factors that affect driving test waiting times, such as the time of year and cancellations, can help individuals navigate the booking process more effectively. By engaging with driving instructors and utilizing strategies for obtaining earlier test dates, individuals can increase their chances of securing a suitable driving test appointment.

Ultimately, the key to obtaining an earlier driving test appointment is to act quickly when new slots become available and stay informed about cancellations. It is also important to create a plan with your driving instructor on how you will approach booking the test. This should include an understanding of the waiting times for tests in your area, the most appropriate course of lessons for your needs, and ideal timing for booking your practical test. Additionally, having a good understanding of the strategies that can be employed to obtain earlier test dates can help you secure a suitable driving test appointment sooner.