Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Used Convertible?

(Image Source: Flickr)

Better weather gets many drivers wishing they could roll down their windows and enjoy the breeze, and some may decide to take the next step and actually buy a convertible. However, newcomers may be uncertain if convertibles are safe, or how much money to spend on them, so it is a good idea to add up the pros and cons of purchasing a used convertible.

The pros of buying a used convertible

Head room

Taller drivers often find it difficult to find motor vehicles that are suited to their height, making convertibles an excellent solution for those with this particular dilemma.


The great majority of people who own convertibles love their classic and sporty appearance, and style enthusiasts will find much to appreciate in the wow factor that is present in this style of automobile.


It is easy to transform most convertibles into a sedan or a coupe just by pushing a button, and this versatility means that drivers can enjoy having the wind in their hair in good weather, but cover up when the seasons change and the weather gets nasty.


Convertibles create better visibility for drivers because of the absence of door frames or a roof. They can also easier to park and manoeuvre because of the wider vision radius that is offered by a top down convertible.

The cons of buying a used convertible

Chassis shudder

The loss of a fixed roof also removes a big part of a car’s structural support system, something that can often result in what is known as “chassis shudder”. This loss cannot always be compensated for by reinforcements to the undercarriage of a convertible, resulting in some bumpy rides.

Compromised security

Convertibles are often an easy target for thieves due to the simplicity of breaking into a car that has a soft roof.

Faster interior ageing

Exposing the interior of convertibles to the hot summer sun can take its toll, with sun damage and cracking often being caused to the likes of dashboards, seats and other surfaces. The process can be slowed by correct maintenance.


Although the materials used for the roofs of convertibles have improved considerably over the years, there is no guarantee that water will not get inside the vehicle. Soft top and even hard top convertibles remain susceptible to the possibility of a leak during periods of heavy snow and rainfall.


Convertibles with soft top roofs can be very noisy to drive even when the roof is up.


Even used convertibles tend to be more expensive to buy than is the case with comparable vehicles such as coupes or sedans, though this may be less of a con for those who have their heart set on owning one.

Are convertibles safe?

As a whole, convertibles are no more likely to be involved in crashes than any other vehicle, although some models are more strongly linked to such incidents than others, so do your research beforehand. If you know what to expect, then buying a used convertible could be a very good idea.