Getting An MOT: The Basics


It isn’t just you (the driver) that has to take tests to be fit for the road. When you get your own car, motorcycle or other vehicle you’ll also be responsible for making sure that it has an up to date MOT.

Designed to check that your vehicle is safe and worthy of the road, you’ll need to get an MOT test every year once the vehicle is over 3 years old. If you’re MOT is out of date, then you’ll be driving it illegally. So here at Book My Theory Test Online we’ve made a short guide to introduce you to the all-important MOT.

Why Do You Need One?

The obvious reason why your vehicle needs a valid MOT is because you’ll be driving illegally without it. It needs to pass the annual test in order to get the certificate that allows you to drive for the following year.

But beyond the legalities of it, MOT tests are important because they check that your car, motorcycle, caravan or van is safe to drive. Any faults with the brakes, seatbelts or other factors will be identified, and this can prevent any serious accidents that could occur if they went unchecked.

What it Checks

The MOT test has evolved and expanded since its early days to include a wide range of tests on each vehicle. From exterior things such as lights, windscreen wipes, vehicle registration plate and mirrors, to less obvious areas like the suspension, wheels and exhaust emissions, it’s a comprehensive assessment of a vehicle’s roadworthiness.

The test will cost anything between £30-60 depending on your vehicle classification, and if any alterations need to be made before it is able to pass, then this figure will obviously increase.

If you fail your MOT, then you will not be legally allowed to drive the vehicle until the areas have been fixed and it has passed a retest. However there is the option to appeal against a failed test if you think that the garage has made an accidental or deliberate mistake.

Buying and Selling Cars

When buying a car, motorcycle, caravan or other vehicle, be sure to check that there is an up to date MOT certificate that comes with it. However be aware that accident or faults that make vehicles unworthy for the road can occur between the MOT test dates, so give the potential purchase a thorough inspection.

Ideally, you should also take a test drive before committing to buy. When selling a vehicle of your own, it’s good practice to get an MOT test done if it is due in the next few months. This will give buyers good faith that it is in good condition.

Owning a vehicle gives you so much freedom to get around, but with that freedom comes a few expenses and responsibilities. Don’t forget to write the date that the MOT is due in your diary, or sign up to a text reminder service with Gov.UK if you’re a forgetful sort.

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