Driver Fails Theory Test for 113th Time

Image Source: Flickr

A woman, aged 30, who made newspaper headlines in 2014 for failing her theory test a whopping 110 times, has just failed a further 3 times. And it looks as if she won’t be giving up anytime soon.

The unidentified woman is from south-east London and has spent a minimum of £3,485, and up to £3,503, trying to pass just the theory part of the driving test over the course of 13 years. The information was uncovered due to a Freedom of Information request from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, otherwise known as DVSA.

What’s In The Theory Test?

For those that don’t already know how it all works, the driving theory test is made up of two parts. First is the multiple-choice paper and second is the hazard perception exam. The national average pass rate is 51.6%.

This means that the learner, if she ever does manage to prove that she understands the dangers and rules of the road by passing both parts of the theory test, will next have to tackle the practical driving exam. And who knows how long that will take…

Though this story is a rare case, other learners are also struggling to come to terms with The Highway Code and as a result they are too failing the theory test time and time again.

Try, Try Again?

A 30-year old man from Peterborough is currently on his 87th try on passing the theory test, and another from Birmingham has only just passed after trying an outstanding 80 times.

We found a 47 year old male learner from Reading who is still attempting to pass the test after 61 tries, with several other cases of this kind having also been found in areas like Haverfordwest and other parts of Wales.

These findings lead on to another interesting fact. Although men are found to be 6% more likely to pass the practical driving test than females, they are actually 6% less likely to pass their theory test compared to the opposite sex.

The question is, how can you pass your theory test the first time? And the next is, how is it possible to fail so many times?

Interestingly, the theory test is much harder to learn or teach to some people. Much like in schools, there is an obvious divide between those that excel in practical situations and those that excel in theory tests. Not everyone can grasp each element with ease, but both elements are vital to keeping our roads safe and our learners prepared.

Dedication: That’s What You Need

All learners can do is dedicate their time to studying, and finding the learning material or resource that works well for them personally. There’s a wide range of driving aids out there, from DVD’s to apps and everything in-between. Find one that simplifies things for you and practice until perfect!

Instead of spending a fortune, only attempt to take the test when you feel you are ready. Use practice papers or app scores to find out how you’re doing and continue to improve and work on areas that you seem to struggle in. Testing yourself is the best way to achieve the outcome you want, and with dedication you’re sure to get there in the end.