Dangers of Using an Unqualified Driving Instructor

Image Source: Flickr

As being self-employed continues to become a much more appealing way of earning a living, more fraudsters are looking to cash in using this title as a cover-up. The blind leading the blind isn’t exactly the kind of metaphor you would expect to use when talking about driving lessons, but it is in fact more common now than ever.

While all most people care about is passing their test with the help of an instructor, others realise that hiring an unqualified driving instructor is risky business for more than one reason. To help you make a properly informed decision, we’ve listed this dangers below for your consideration.

Insufficient or Out-of-Date Knowledge

Whether you’re looking at getting a trusty friend to teach you how to drive or you’re thinking of employing an unqualified driving instructor to cut costs, you run the risk of wasting both time and money. Those who have not got the correct qualifications, knowledge or skills required to teach students how to drive may not provide you with the education you need in order to pass.

Picking up Bad Habits

Using an unqualified driving instructor enhances the chances of you picking up bad habits before you even complete the basics. Picking up bad habits early on in your driving experience can be much harder to shake off in the long-term and can be acquired simply by being taught incorrectly. Using a qualified driving instructor will prevent you from picking up bad habits as each instructor will have passed the ADI, meaning that they will have learnt the correct techniques to pass onto students.

Unnecessary Pressure

One of the most important skills a driving instructor holds is patience. Without this, students can feel extremely pressurised and tense. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience, which is something qualified instructors are trained to create. Those without proper training may not understand the importance of creating a calm and comfortable environment and as a result learners are likely to feel overwhelmed.

Insufficient Vehicle Modifications

Instructors’ cars are specially modified to ensure the safety of all passengers. One of the main modifications made is the introduction of brake and clutch pedals in the passengers’ side footwell. This allows the teacher to bring the car to a controlled stop at any given time. Vehicles without these modifications are likely to be run by unqualified instructors and therefore the possibility of a crash is far higher.

No Insurance

It is a criminal offence to charge money for driving lessons without the necessary qualifications. As a result of this, it is highly unlikely that unqualified instructors will be insured. Unqualified driving instructors pose a higher accident risk too, which is not a good combination to get involved in.

With a whole load of fraudulent driving instructors out there, it is now more important than ever to do your research and carry out proper checks to ensure you’re getting a quality service that is both secure and legal. When entering into a lesson, look out for the green instructor’s badge – when this is displayed you can rest assured that the instructor is fully qualified.