Conquer your Driving Test Nerves

(Image Source: Flickr)

Everyone suffers from nerves at one time or another, but some people can be more impacted than others. Nerves can be particularly inconvenient during periods when it is important to be at the height of your concentration, such as when you are taking your driving test. Happily however, there are a number of things that new drivers can do in order to ensure that their chances of passing the driving test on the first attempt are not scuppered by their own nerves.

How to fight nerves at your driving test

To be able to fight nerves at your driving test, it is essential to improve your confidence prior to the actual event. You need to really believe that you are capable of passing your driving test. Keep in mind that you would have not been recommended to put in your application by your driving instructor if they did not already have that confidence in your abilities! Another good way to fight nerves is to get plenty of practice in all the driving routines and manoeuvres that you may be required to demonstrate during your driving test before it takes place. Your nerves are not going to be helped if you are asked by your instructor to perform a certain manoeuvre early in your driving test that you are still unsure about. If any particular manoeuvre is causing you concern prior to the test, tell your instructor that you would like to spend some more time practicing it.

Help and support

You need to make sure that you have the full support of your instructor, and talk about your nerves and worries with friends and members of your family, to see if they have any advice that could be of assistance to you. Those who feel this will not be enough to calm their nerves may wish to seek help from other possible solutions. Herbal remedies such as the likes of Kalms can certainly assist with easing your jitters before the test. Be sure to thoroughly read the labels of all such remedies, and keep in mind that you will need to begin taking them several weeks prior to your driving test in order to gain real benefits.

Breathing, distraction… and bananas

There are a number of other possible solutions to the problem of nerves, including breathing, distraction and even bananas. Breathing exercises can be a good method of fighting nerves at your driving test. Take deep breaths and focus on breathing in and out as this aids relaxation and can soothe any nerves you may have before you take your test. While it is important to get to the driving test centre on time, going too early can result in you sitting in the waiting room, which may only make you more and more nervous. If you get there early, make sure you have something to distract yourself with, such as a book or magazine, or try your breathing exercises again while you wait. Bananas can also help with test nerves due to being full of Vitamin B and containing the protein tryptophan, which is converted into the “happy hormone” serotonin by the human body. Good luck!