Jun 16

Motoring Events for Summer

(Image Source: Flickr)

June is the month when most people start to think seriously about what they might choose to do during the summer – weather permitting. One of the great things about British summers is that when it comes to special events, motorists are well catered for. Whether you enjoy car shows, or are more interested in motorbikes, there is plenty to think about. Summer is full of great car events, and 2016 is no exception – there are plenty of exciting days out to attend with the family this year.

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Mar 16

Motorbikes v Cars: Which Will You Pick?

(Image Source: Flickr)

Whether you prefer to learn to drive a car, or to ride a motorbike depends on a number of factors. Some younger drivers may decide to start with a motorbike as they are generally cheaper to buy and to run than a car. On the other hand, some people will prefer a car because they are handy for getting to and from work, and if it’s raining, you tend to remain dryer in a car than you would on a motorbike! This article looks at the pros and cons of both types of vehicle.

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Jan 15

5 Bad Riding Habits Bikers Should Kick In The New Year

Image Source: Flickr

Have you ever heard that riding a bike is a lifestyle? Bikers who have been riding for quite some time often tend to fall into bad habits and as a result their ride suffers, and sometimes so do other road users. To help you shake off a few bad habits for the New Year and help keep our roads safe, we’ve put together a little checklist of things to consider.

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Nov 14

Best UK Motorcyle Rides

Bikers and car fanatics are probably the only people in the UK who really appreciate tarmac. There’s nothing better than finding a smooth, rock-solid stretch of the stuff and cruising down it on a cool summers morning. Nevertheless, like all good things in life, it can’t always be perfect – potholes and uneven surfaces are found in one to many tarmac roads across the country. To help you steer clear of those not-so-impressive roads, we’ve put together a guide to the best motorcycle rides in the UK.

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Oct 14

Great Gifts For New Bikers

Have you just booked your bike test? Is it your birthday, or is it remotely true to suggest to someone you know that your birthday is “soon”? The great (or perhaps terrible, depending on your bank balance/number of friends) thing about biking is that there’s always something on the market that you’ll want. And if you can’t think of it, don’t worry – here’s a selection of gifts that any motorcyclist would be delighted to receive…

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Sep 14

What To Pack For Your First Long Motorcycle Trip


At some point shortly after you pass your bike test, the idea of riding off for anything from a long weekend to several months will start to seem like a good idea. And it is. The longer you have to think about it, however, the more likely you are to fall into the classic trap; over-packing. If your trip is a few months away, and you have a bit of spare cash, you may well find yourself poring over catalogues and various websites, ogling the fantastic range of shiny things designed to make you entirely self-sufficient while on the road.
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Aug 14

Just Passed Your Test? Brilliant Second-Hand Motorcycles

Scanning the classified ads in Motorcycle News or Bike Trader can cause serious problems for the prospective purchaser. There are hundreds of fantastic-looking choices, and whether it’s your first 125, or your first big bike, without a little bit of guidance it’s easy to get lost. Here’s a look at some of the best choices in a variety of styles; of course you’ll need to make sure the individual machine is in good order, but at least this should whittle down the list a bit!

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Feb 14

Protect Your Head! Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Of all drivers on the road, motorcyclists are the most unguarded and vulnerable to accidents, injuries and death. Although motorcycle drivers make up only 1% of road traffic, they account for almost 20% of all the deaths and life-threatening injuries incurred on the roads. Continue reading →

Jan 14

Pimp My Ride: Tips on Customising Your Motorcycle

At Book My Theory Test Online we love our bikes just as much as you do, and everyone can appreciate an impressive customised motorcycle, whatever the style. When you find a bike that you love, you might feel the need to give it some personal touches to make it stand out and reflect your personality.

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Jan 14

Preparing Your Motorcycle For a Trip Abroad

Motorcycles are the ultimate road trip mode of transport, and taking your bike abroad can be a fantastic experience. Wherever in the world you choose to go, ensure that you have prepared your motorcycle for the journey ahead in plenty of time before you leave. To help get you organised, here is a guide on preparing your bike for going abroad from Book My Theory Test Online.

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