Can You Use An App to Help You Pass Your Theory Test?

theory-test-appThese days, there is an app for just about everything, so if you are learning to drive and anticipating starting to study for your theory test, you may be wondering if you could use a mobile or tablet app to help you revise.

There are a number of apps for both Android and iOS devices geared towards helping people prepare for the UK driving theory test. Some of them are even free, or have free trial versions available with a limited number of questions and features. Others, like the official DSA Theory Test Kit for Drivers for iPhone cost a little more (this one is £4.99 on the UK App Store), but are still likely to be less expensive than books or other study resources you might be thinking of buying.

Why Studying With Apps Can Really Help With Your Theory Test

Using apps as study aids when you are preparing for your theory test offers a number of benefits over just using books or reading websites. Here are some of the reasons why apps can help you get ready to pass the theory test:

– The theory test itself is interactive, so an app that mocks up the test will give you a more similar experience to taking the test than a book. This means you will feel a little more prepared for the test format when you turn up to do the real thing.

– It is harder to ‘cheat’ on an app. When you answer questions in a book, you may be tempted to flick back and find the answers when you get stuck. You can’t do this on an app so you will get a much clearer idea of how close you are to being ready.

– An app can time you, so you can have the same time pressures as in the real test. Again, this will help you to know what to expect and to feel better prepared.

– Having an app on your phone means you can easily pack in some extra study during ‘dead time’ when you are waiting for things or are travelling. You can do this with books too, of course, but you are likely to always have your phone with you, so if you get some unexpected free time you can use it for theory study no matter where you are.

– Using apps tends to be a bit more fun than more traditional forms of study. While learning about driving theory is never going to be as much fun as a game, an interactive experience suits most people better than reading and trying to recall facts. The less boring study is, the more you will do it, and the faster you will learn what you need to know to pass your test and become a good driver.

Using apps as one of the methods for studying for your driving theory test can be a really big help. Look for apps with good ratings from other users, and make sure they relate specifically to the UK driving theory test (as apps for other countries’ different tests also exist), and you should find you have an asset that can help get you through the test far more easily!