Buying a Used Car? 3 Things to Look For

Image Source: Flickr

Buying a used car has many pros and many cons, but depending on the dealership, previous owner, trade-in value and a handful of other things, the vehicle that you choose will have far more of one than the other!

To help ensure you choose the vehicle with as little cons and as many pros as possible, we’ve put together a super simple know-it-all guide to buying a used car. Here we’ve listed 5 key things to look out for, so grab and pen and paper and get ready to make notes!

1. Online Status

The online world is a great resource for your car buying needs. Not only does it provide you with all the information you could need on any car model, it also helps you to communicate with dealerships and owners and check out reviews, specifications and other interesting facts about a vehicle before you even go to visit it. The cars online status can tell you a lot, including the all-important asking price, mileage and average selling price in your area. The online world gives you a usually reliable reference point to refer to, whereas dealerships often like to keep back some of the necessary information.

2. Aesthetics

It may seem obvious to take good notice of the interior and exterior of the car before committing to a purchase, but many people get caught out by the environment and excitement of buying a car and sadly as a result they fail to notice scuffs, scratches and other minor problems on the vehicle until they get it home. The overall condition of the car plays a huge factor in value, so keep your eyes peeled for any problems, even if they are barely visible to the common eye – you never know, it may save you some money!

3. Leaks and Squeaks

Taking the car for a test drive is a must for a few different reasons. One of the most important things to look out for while driving the car is the sounds it makes and the way in which is drives. Ask yourself questions like is it easy to handle? Is the clutch heavy? Can I hear anything unsettling or annoying? Another important factor to watch out for is leaks of any find. Any type of leakage is a red flag for a needed repair, so take a few moments to check this out in a clean area.

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be stressful, burdening or draining. Simply follow these 3 small steps as a surefire way to help be sure you don’t get stuck with a banger and remember, always find the information you need before making a decision either way.