Breaking Down The Budget – Motorcycle Running Costs

Owning and riding a motorcycle can be the most liberating thing in the world when you’re racing down a fast strip of road with beautiful scenery all around. However, the reality is that running a motorcycle can be very expensive, and when investing in your driving lessons, new bike or upkeep of a family motorcycle, it’s important to know the running costs.

Book My Theory Test Online have broken it down into simple categories to help you get an idea of the budget you’ll need.

Motorcycle Test

Of course, before you hit the road you have to pass both your theory and practical test. The former costs £31, assuming you pass first time. The motorcycle practical test is broken down into two parts, the off-road and on-road sections, costing between £90 to £105 depending on when you take it. With Book My Theory Test Online you can find out the prices for your local test centre and arrange your test through us.


Insurance prices for young and first time drivers have rocketed in recent years, although rates decrease considerably when you pass 21 or after a few consecutive years of no claims. It is hard to give an estimate for this, since it depends on your motorcycle model, year, your own age and more, but be sure to get a few quotes early on.

Road Tax

Any motorcycle that you drive has to have road tax, otherwise you can get in big trouble with the authorities. Cover lasts 12 months, and is dependent upon your engine size. It currently varies between £17 and £78, the higher rate being for the engines over 600 cc.

Breakdown Cover

Unless you have a few very good friends who you know you could rely upon if you broke down 100 miles away in the middle of the night, you should really invest in breakdown cover. Most companies will come immediately if anything goes wrong and try to get you straight back on the road, saving you a lot of hassle. RAC offers motorcycle breakdown cover from only £29.99.

Fuel Costs

Once you’ve got everything taxed, insured and covered, you still have to fill up the tank to get your bike on the road, so don’t forget to factor fuel into the equation. Find out how many miles to the gallon your motorcycle can perform, and try to consider if you’ll be using it mainly around town or on lots of long journeys to estimate a monthly budget for your fuel allowance.

Here at Book My Theory Test Online we aren’t trying to fill your head with financial worries, but it’s important to figure out if you can afford to run your motorcycle before you start investing in one. Otherwise you could have a taxed bike with no money to run it, and that certainly isn’t any fun. Get saving, and invest in a bike that will be economical to run, and you can be racing those roads in no time.