Best UK Motorcyle Rides

Bikers and car fanatics are probably the only people in the UK who really appreciate tarmac. There’s nothing better than finding a smooth, rock-solid stretch of the stuff and cruising down it on a cool summers morning. Nevertheless, like all good things in life, it can’t always be perfect – potholes and uneven surfaces are found in one to many tarmac roads across the country. To help you steer clear of those not-so-impressive roads, we’ve put together a guide to the best motorcycle rides in the UK.

Hardknott Pass (Lake District)

First up is The Old Roman road, better known as the Hardknott Pass. This road is not only as smooth as a dolphin’s flipper, it also holds the title for being one of the steepest roads in Great Britain. If you get unnerved easily, this road probably isn’t for you and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. The road is both narrow and winding, which some people find daunting. However, if you love a challenge this road will be ideal for testing your riding ability.

The A82 (Glasgow to Inverness)

Uneven roads and potholes can be found nowhere on the route to Glasgow to Inverness, so luckily nothing will hinder this ride for you. This road has everything a biker could want – great scenery, solid yet smooth roads and a balancing combination of straights and bends.

The A272 (Uckfield to Winchester)

Although this route may not be the most inspiring, it does have everything a keen rider could hope for. Of course, similar to all incredible stretches like this, there’s a catch – if you’re not careful you’ll run into a police speed trap. Remember, it’s always safest to stay on the right side of the law! One thing you can be certain about, though, is that it won’t spoil your fun.

Elan Valley Loop (Central Wales)

As the name indicates, this road is a circuit route located in Central Wales. The route provides a truly stunning view of Elan Valley in all its glory and on a warm day this route is one you will want to take over and over again, so much so you may even consider moving there!

Snake Pass – The A57 (Peak District)

As one of the best-known driving roads, Snake Pass is a great road for keen bikers. As such a primary road, traffic can sometimes be something to watch out for during peak times, but if you enjoy swerving in and out of traffic don’t let us hold you back!

The A470 (Wales)

If you find yourself needing to travel to Wales, there’s a much more scenic way to take than the M5/M6 route. The A470 is a much cleaner route all-round, and bikers are likely to find it more entertaining. Featuring beautiful National Parks, twisting tarmac and a bunch of sweeping stretches, this road if perfect for two fast tyres.

Whether you’ve only just passed your test or you’re a veteran biker, these roads will never leave you deflated and are sure to keep your passion for biking alive.