Whats The Best Time of Day to Take Theory Test?


Unlike exams at school or university, the great thing about the driving theory test is that you can choose exactly when to take it. Whether you’re an early bird or a night own, can’t function on Mondays or want to be celebrating on Friday, there’s a lot to think about when booking your theory test.

Everyone is different, but here are a few things to consider about when trying to decide on the best time of day to take theory test from Book My Theory Test Online.

Is The Morning The Best Time of Day to Take Theory Test?

Advantages: If you’re the sort of person who wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing in the morning, then the chances are you’ll be much more alert and focused to sit an early exam. The great thing about morning theory tests is that you don’t have much chance to worry and fret; you can get everything organised and ready the night before and head there straight after breakfast.

Disadvantages: Late risers and light sleepers might struggle with a morning exam, as lack of sleep can leave you feeling sluggish. This could affect your performance.

Is Lunchtime The Best Time of Day to Take Theory Test?

Advantages: Taking a lunchtime exam allows you to spend the morning having a final look over your notes. Some people prefer to have a leisurely start to the day for an exam, with the chance to have a wholesome breakfast and last-minute study time. You’re also far less likely to be in a rush for the test.

Disadvantages: Not everyone has is able to get the time off school or work in order to go sit an exam in the middle of the day. Meanwhile, think carefully about the timing of your lunch. If you haven’t eaten beforehand you might get hunger pangs that distract you, whilst a big lunch will leave you feeling lethargic.

Is Late Afternoon The Best Time of Day to Take Theory Test?

Advantages: Many people with a busy schedule don’t have the time to take a morning or lunchtime exam, so later in the day you can focus on the task at hand instead of other distractions. It also allows you to plenty of time to look over your notes and prepare yourself mentally for the test.

Disadvantages: If you’re someone who hits an afternoon flop towards the end of the day, avoid an afternoon exam at all costs. In the event that you have no choice, make sure that you have a snack and plenty of fluids to boost your energy levels beforehand.

Every person studies and performs differently, so the most important thing to work out is how you are most suited to exams. A good way to find out is to take an online mock theory test at different times of the day during your revision process and work out when you get the best results.

And when you think you’re ready to book a time and a place, Book My Theory Test Online will help you to find a suitable date at a test centre near you in minutes.

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