Be Prepared! What to Take to Your Motorcycle Theory Test

Once you have booked your Motorcycle Theory Test Online and secured a place at your local testing centre, you can begin studying and getting prepared for the exam. Besides studying for the exam, there are a few things you need to prepare to bring on the exam day itself.

Most testing centres will have lockers provided for any personal items, as you aren’t allowed to bring anything into the actual testing room. The following items are not all required, but can be helpful to have while you are waiting and to avoid any unexpected issues before the exam.

Provisional Driving Licence

You will not be allowed to take your Motorcycle Theory Test unless you can show the testing centre your provisional driving licence. Bring along both your photo card and the paper counterpart. If for any reason you have the old version of the licence, be sure to also bring your photographic identification (see below) as well. If you don’t have your provisional driving licence you will not be allowed to take the exam and you will lose the Theory Test fee.

If for any reason you have lost your provisional driving licence, you can order a new one through the DVLA. Be aware that it can take up to three weeks to receive, and is subject to a fee.

Photographic Identification

In order to confirm that you are the person who is registered to take the theory test, the testing centre will require you to show valid photographic identification on the day. This will only apply if you have the old paper version of the UK drivers licence which does not feature the driver’s photograph.

A valid passport, Employer’s Identity Card with a photograph and signature, credit card with a photograph and signature, or trade union card displaying a photograph and signature are all accepted forms of identification. If you don’t have access to any of these, it is also possible to bring a photograph of yourself that states the following on the reverse side.

I (name of acceptable person) certify that this is a true likeness of (name of candidate), who has been known to me for (number) years in my capacity as (specify capacity).



Business or Profession:

The signature must be from one of the following persons:

– Member of Parliament

– District Council Councillor

– Police Officer

– Established Civil Servant

– Teacher

– Bank Official

– Justice of the Peace

– Minister of Religion

– Barrister

– Solicitor

– Medical Practitioner

Theory Test Confirmation Letter

You are not required to bring the Theory Test Confirmation Letter or E-mail, but you may want to bring it ‘just in case’. If any issues arise about your place at the testing centre that day, you will have proof of your registration.

Study Material

You may want to bring along some of your study materials for additional practice while you wait (note: These will not be permitted inside the testing room). Consider downloading a Motorcycle Theory Test App so that you can easily review the material from your mobile phone or compact flash cards to review key concepts.

As long as you have brought along your provisional licence and the appropriate identification as required, you will be allowed to take your Motorcycle Theory Test at the confirmed booking time. Although you may bring along the Theory Test confirmation letter, as well as study material, these items are not required for the testing day. Good luck!