Be Prepared for Your Driving Test

(Image Source: Flickr)

You may have been driving on a provisional licence and accompanied by a certified driver for some time, but are you ready to take your test? Be aware that many people do not pass the driving test first time out, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Most learners fail either because they forget their theory, aren’t clear enough on the Highway Code, or due to their nervous reactions.

This article looks at some of the most prevalent reasons for failing the driving test first time out. If you have already passed your theory test, and you’ve gone driving with a fully licenced driver in between your lessons, then you may be ready to take the test. Just be clear on the following, before you book your test.

Know Your Highway Code

Even though they may have passed their theory test, all too many learner drivers don’t bother to read up on the Highway Code, in preparation for their practical driving test. You need to be aware that your instructor will expect you to know your Highway Code, which means you should be ready to answer questions without looking at the book.

You may think that driving is a practical skill, and of course, it is, but good driving also depends on a thorough understanding of the theory, much of which is in the Highway Code. You may, for example, be asked what is a safe stopping distance when you are behind another vehicle. This is a crucial piece of knowledge, if you don’t know the answer then you may crash into the back of another vehicle, which makes you responsible for the accident – that is despite what the other driver may have done.


A good number of learner drivers fail their test simply because they are nervous on that particular day. While you can’t always anticipate how you will feel on the day of the test, there are certain things that you can do to lower the impact of your feelings. Study your Highway Code until you fully understand the rules of the road and why such rules are necessary. You need to know how long it will take you to make an emergency stop, which scenarios require an emergency stop, and what can happen if you have to make a stop when you’re driving at high speed.

Once you actually begin the test drive, do your best to look and act confidently. The instructor testing your knowledge will be looking to see whether you are a confident driver.

Taking Off

All too many people fail before they properly get on the road for their test. Not using your mirrors in the correct manner is a sure-fire fail. Make sure that your nerves don’t affect how you take off from the curbside. Use your mirrors properly and don’t forget to check your blind spot before you pull out into oncoming traffic. Be well prepared before you take your driving test, then you won’t commit these amateur mistakes that will result in a fail.