A Simple Guide to Checking Your Motorcycle

Did you know that you are supposed to check your bike before every ride? Especially after the winter, when most motorcycles have served some time cooped up in the garage. The same goes for long rides, where wear and tear is more likely to occur. Book My Theory Test Online is here to make motorcycle safety simple for you.


The most important part of the motorcycle when it comes to staying safe on the road, it’s key that you keep your tyres in good nick. Give each tyre a look over for any cuts or wear on the tread and invest in a tyre gauge to check the pressure is at the recommended level before you ride. If the pressure keeps going down, you probably have a puncture somewhere so should take it into the garage.

Controls and Brakes

Whilst cables should be pretty durable, damage can occur over time and can be lethal if you brakes aren’t in good working order. Test each of your cables before riding; apply your front brake as you push the bike forward to check that they work effectively. Cables should work smoothly, not with any kinks or stiffness.

Lights, Mirrors, Beep!

Have a look around the bike to check that all of the lights work, and give the horn a quick press to ensure that it is also fine. Mirrors should all be clear and adjusted to the correct position before you set off; any broken or damaged mirrors should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Oil and Fuel

You should make sure that you have plenty of fuel before setting off on a big journey. After storing your bike you should also check that the fuel is ok and there haven’t been any leaks, or that your reserve is empty. Remember to also check your oil levels regularly on a cool engine.


Suspension can be hugely important in motorcycle safety, as it affects the performance and behaviour of your bike, especially when reacting to sudden events. Some bikes have adjustable suspension, so check that yours is set to the level recommended in your manual.

Bike Stand

A bike stand isn’t going to be the end of the world if it fails, but it does keep your motorcycle stood up when it needs to be so that it doesn’t fall over and get scratched! So take a second to make sure that it isn’t bent or cracked and that the spring works ok.

Just taking two or three minutes before you hit the road to check over your motorcycle can really make a difference, not only to your safety but also the bike’s performance. Following this simple guide from Book My Theory Test Online can have you on the road in no time, and also help you to pass your motorcycle theory test if you haven’t done so already!