A Look at Advanced Driving Training Schemes

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It is an achievement to pass the driving test, and to be able to drive yourself wherever you want to go. There are some things that are not covered in any depth, but it is possible to take one of the advanced driving training tests. Advanced tests will not only make you a safer driver; in some occupations more in-depth driving training will more than likely get you the job.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus advanced driving training only takes six hours to complete once you have mastered the skills. The training is aimed at improving on the techniques you learned in order to pass your test, and should make you a safer and more accomplished driver. Drivers who complete the test successfully may find their car insurance premiums reduced, depending on the company you’ve signed with.

Fees for the Pass Plus or equivalent training schemes can vary considerably depending on where you live. A growing number of driver training schools now recommend further training as it will improve your skills. It is a good idea to look online so that you can compare the costs, and to see whether your insurance company offers a discount for drivers who take advanced driving training. Any cost reduction that you may receive on your insurance will generally not be sufficient to cover the cost of your extra training.


You should look for a driving trainer that is registered with the DVSA as an approved teacher on the Pass Plus scheme. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency can provide you with details about the course, and how long the training should take. The cost of the course can vary from one area to another so it’s best to check this out at the start.

What Does Pass Plus Training Involve?

Your driving instructor may be able to help on this; if not, check with the DVSA. Generally, the course is made up of six different modules that are designed to make you a better, and more safety-aware driver, and to achieve what the tutor is looking for.

Courses are designed to include the following modules:

•Driving on motorways
•Driving on dual carriageways
•Driving at night
•Driving on country roads
•Driving in all weather conditions
•Driving in town

During the course you will spend a minimum of five and a half hours of actual driving. There is no test as such with this advanced driving test, but instructors will use continual assessment of your progress. When your assessment fulfils the requirements, you will have passed the course.

The Pass Plus training involves driving most of the time, but you may find yourself dealing with theory as well, particularly when weather conditions are really bad. Once you have completed and passed the advanced driving test you have to apply to the DVSA for your certificate. The form must be signed by both your tutor and yourself, and once completed needs to be sent, along with your birth certificate, to the DVSA. You will need this certificate as evidence that you may qualify for a discount on your insurance.