A Drive in the Dales

(Image Source: Flickr)

If you plan on holidaying in England this year, there are some great beauty spots and interesting places to see. If you have never been to the Derbyshire Dales then you need to know that driving can be quite tricky in some areas. The Peak District National Park, for example, is quite high up, and the route to some popular beauty spots is high and narrow. Confident drivers should have no trouble finding their way around the area and enjoying what the Dales have to offer.

The Peaks; Natural Beauty

A drive into the peaks is well worth the time and effort, whether you want to see ancient churches and dry stone walls, or something more primitive. A popular part of the Peak District National Park is the area known as Stanton Moor. Providing you can navigate narrow winding roads, and remain patient when flocks of sheep or herds of cattle are crossing your path, you should have a great time.

Stanton Moor occupies a large area of the park, and is a favourite for both climbers and walkers. A lot of people are attracted by the Nine Ladies, an ancient stone circle that would have been used in various historic religious rites. It’s a fair walk through the park, some of which is a heavily wooded area, but well worth seeing. At this time of year the woods are filled with bluebells, brightening the scene.


Matlock is the largest town in the Peak District. It gets very busy during late spring and summer and the area is often filled with bikers getting ready for some of the motorbike events that take place in the surrounding area.

Matlock is also the home of Gulliver’s Kingdom, a fairground and play centre based around the story of Gulliver and the town of Lilliput. In high season, Matlock has the same kind of aura that you’d expect from a popular seaside town, with some beautiful buildings. If you are in the peaks then it is worth looking out for the dry stone walls. Many of them have crumbled over the years but there are still a good number of walls in great condition.


Cromford is a town en route to Matlock, but far more renowned, as this is the town where in 1777 Richard Arkwright invented and built the first water mill. Not only did the invention provide jobs for many of the people living in and around Cromford, it also offered homes in the town that were purpose built for the mill owners and their workers.

The Peak District and Derbyshire Dales are some of the most spectacular beauty spots in the centre of England. The beautiful rolling hills and dales attract walkers and climbers from all over the world. A good number of the farmhouses offer bed and breakfast during the summer months, so finding somewhere to stay is not too difficult. There are lots of small villages, and some stately homes in and around the area, so there is plenty for visitors to see and do.