5 Extra Safety Features That Could Save Your Life

Sometimes certain circumstances mean avoiding a car crash is impossible. But what if you had extra safety features in place? These days car manufacturers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to safety technologies that go above and beyond the call of a car’s duty, which is why it is important to be aware of what safety features are on offer to you today.

When choosing a car to purchase there are many different things to consider and often safety features are something that can be overlooked when you are wrapped up in the excitement of such an important investment. However, the significance of purchasing a car with the best safety add-ons is huge and can even be a life-changing decision when you take into consideration that it could one day save your life.

To help you get a good idea of the advances in car safety technologies to date, we’ve put together a list of extra safety solutions to look out for in a car.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Like something out of ‘Back To The Future’, adaptive cruise control is something you would expect to see in only the movies. This feature uses forward-looking sensors like radar and cameras to monitor the distance to the vehicle in front. This system means that the car will automatically slow down when it needs to, ensuring that you are always maintaining a safe following distance without the need for you to actually do anything!

Backup Cameras

Although backup cameras used to be found in luxury vehicles only, recent years have seen middle-of-the-road models featuring them in their rear-view mirrors and in-dash display too. Not only does this act well as a safety feature, it also helps you to become a better driver when backing out of parking spots.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights have proven to be a highly beneficial safety feature for a car to have and after property damage liability fell by 10% as a result of using adaptive headlights, plenty of car manufactures are introducing them in their latest models.

Parking Assist

Safety features don’t always have to be relevant to ‘matter of life or death’ situations, they can simply just assist you in certain circumstances related to driving. Many people struggle when it comes to parking and as a result damage can sometimes be done. Parking assist is a feature that detects the size of a parallel parking space, steers you into the correct parking position and then allows you to go hands-free whilst it backs up the vehicle into place!

Forward Collision Avoidance System

Similar to the way that adaptive cruise control works, forward collision avoidance systems uses sensors that provide pre-crash warning systems that alert drivers when the vehicle is too close to another in front.

In the years to come, safety technology is only set to get better and with so many different features now readily available, it’s difficult to think what we could possibility be greeted with next!