5 Bad Riding Habits Bikers Should Kick In The New Year

Image Source: Flickr

Have you ever heard that riding a bike is a lifestyle? Bikers who have been riding for quite some time often tend to fall into bad habits and as a result their ride suffers, and sometimes so do other road users. To help you shake off a few bad habits for the New Year and help keep our roads safe, we’ve put together a little checklist of things to consider.

1. Bad Maintenance

Anything on the road deserves to be regularly well maintained, but after a while of having the same bike the novelty of checking it wears off and things begin to get dirty, damaged and unreliable. Providing regular maintenance, especially when it comes to things like cleaning and lubricated the chain, will make a big difference and is best to be done on a weekly basis.

2. Glazed-Over Eyes

Have you ever suddenly snapped out of a trance and realised you need to concentrate a little more? Sometimes when you’re riding for long periods of time, are tired or simply know the area really well, bikers forget to look further than just the road in front. Extending your vision, so that you can keep an eye out on what’s ahead, will ensure you can plan your lines properly, allowing you to have a smoother and much safer ride.

3. Too Close For Comfort

As a biker you should be well aware of how unsettling it can be when a car comes right up behind you just before they overtake. Because you’re unsure what they’re doing or about to do, your own riding becomes unsettled. Car drivers feel just as nervous when this is done to them and can hit the brakes or veer a little as they lose concentration. The dangers are obvious, so keep your distance and try not to irritate others on the road.

4. Unsafe Filtering

Having a motorbike does sometimes give you the advantage to filter through crawling traffic and although it is tempting to make the most of this, doing so too fast or too often is unsafe. Filtering can only make a difference in genuinely bad traffic jams, so save it for when the cars are going slow and watch out for any opening doors or families stretching their legs!

5. Weather Blind

Not taking notice of the weather conditions can result in serious consequences and has been the cause of many incidents on the road. Being aware of the forecast and keeping the weather in mind at all times can save you running into some unexpected wet patches.

Each and every one of us has a part to play in keeping our roads safe and stress-free. Doing your part by breaking any bad habits you may have is a massive contribution towards the overall safety of the UK.