5 Affordable Ways to Customise Your Car

So we’ve all seen Pimp My Ride and if you like customised cars, you’re probably wishing you had the crew on site with endless materials and a bottomless pocket to help you out with yours. However, realistically car customisation can be expensive if you’re thinking big. But it’s easy to start small when giving your car a makeover, and here are five easy and affordable ways to customise your car from Book My Theory Test Online.

1. Turn On The Lights

Changing the lights on the car is relatively cheap and can instantly transform its look when night settles and you show off your ride. Replace the headlights and side lights with HID light bulbs to add that showstopper effect, and if you’re really feeling in the mood for a light show why not invest in an LED or neon light for under the car.

2. Get Some Grills

Grills can add a little class to any car, whether a new ride or some older wheels that need bringing into the present. You can buy them online quite cheaply, or if the budget is really tight you can even make your own

3. A Lick Of Paint

Painting your car, especially if it is really beaten up, can make it look brand new. Whether refreshing the original colour, replacing it with your favourite, or going for some crazy design that will turn heads, it is an affordable way to rebrand your ride. But be careful, if you don’t do a quality job it might end up looking like you let your little brother loose on it with a bucket of paint. Here’s a simple guide to painting your car.

4. Wrap It Up

Even cheaper than painting your car, vehicle wrap can be an easy solution for anyone looking to jazz up their car exterior a little. Custom car wraps can be incredibly cool and unique, and many companies have services where you can design your own. Bear in mind the resale value of the car when wrapping it though, it won’t be to everyone’s taste and funky designs now can look old and outdated later. Quality car wraps are far easier to remove than cheap ones too…

5. Home Touches

Customising your car isn’t all about making the exterior look fantastic, beauty is on the inside as well as the outside. Whilst it will set you back a lot of money to install racer seats or pimp out the car with cool speakers, upholstery is an affordable way to put your own touch on your car. Even a cool car freshener can make you feel more at home.

If you can turn your hand to a creative touch or even if you know how to make the most out of sites such as ebay, customising your car a little needn’t break the bank. However if you want some advice from Book My Theory Test Online, always consider the resale value of the car, and make sure your customisations are legal!

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