Aug 14

Save Money: Basic Car Maintenance Courses for Young Drivers

Apart from the cost of the car itself, there’s a whole raft of expenses that young drivers have to contend with. Insurance gets more expensive all the time, fuel prices head ever upwards, and because most people start out with a relatively old vehicle, the cost of keeping it running can be prohibitive. A basic understanding of how a car works is an extremely good idea; that should go without saying. However, if you can learn how to do some basic routine maintenance jobs, you can save yourself a lot of money – even factoring in the cost of some of the courses below. If you’re the kind of person who has to take their car to a garage when one of the headlights blows, read on…
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Aug 14

The Hidden Benefits of Having a Full Driving Licence

If you want to drive a car on Britain’s public roads, you need a driving licence. It’s as simple as that. Should you get caught driving without a licence, you can expect to face some severe penalties. And you will even get penalty points added as soon as you do get a licence.

It sounds obvious, but the main benefit to having a driving licence is that you can be road-legal. But did you know that there are also some hidden benefits to passing your theory and practical tests? In today’s blog post, I explain what they are!

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Aug 14

How to Create Your Very Own Car Breakdown Emergency Kit

On a recent long-distance journey, there were lots of people that had broken down on the motorway when I was travelling! Sitting on the hard shoulder, waiting for a breakdown truck to rescue you is no fun.

Not only can it be boring and stressful, but it can sometimes be dangerous too – especially if you are alone and have broken down at night. The good news is that you have the power to prevent most breakdown situations.

An obvious piece of advice I can give you is to make sure that your car is well-maintained. That means getting your car serviced when it needs to. But it also means performing weekly checks on your tyres, brakes, engine fluids and so forth.

The focus of today’s blog post is to show you how you can create your own emergency car breakdown kit. Sometimes in life, a motorist will have a car breakdown caused by an unforeseen condition. For instance, a nail in the road could cause an instant tyre puncture.

Here is what you need to know so that you can create the ultimate emergency car breakdown kit!

Holts Tyre Weld

This magical can is a bit like a “get out of jail free” card in Monopoly. If you do experience a burst tyre on the road, it can be inconvenient to stop and remove the contents of your boot to get the spare wheel.

You would also have to remove the wheel with the flat tyre and put the spare on. On the motorway, the authorities tell you not to do this for safety reasons. Instead, what you can do is fill up the deflated tyre with the contents of the Tyre Weld.

It takes no time at all to do that. And it enables you to get back on the road and drive to your nearest tyre fitter so that you can buy a replacement tyre.

High Visibility Jacket

If you do have a breakdown, it’s important that people can spot you – especially at night. A high visibility jacket enables others to spot you from a distance. It is useful if you are waiting for a recovery truck, for example.

Battery charger pack

What do you do when you discover, to your horror, that your car’s battery is flat? There is no way that you can start your car on a flat battery.

You might think that having jump leads will help to save the day, but what if there is no-one else around that can help you? By getting a battery charger pack, you can jump-start your car yourself!

The pack itself is rechargeable, and some even feature a plug socket for charging devices like mobile phones.

Solar mobile phone charger

Some people forget to take their mobile phone chargers with them when they go on road trips. If you don’t want to buy an expensive “spare” charger, there is one alternative that might interest you.

A solar mobile phone charger is cheap to buy, easy to use and can even charge your mobile on a cloudy day!

Bottle of water

Have you got a leaking radiator? Are you stuck somewhere with no shops in sight? A large bottle of water will help to save the day!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Let me know if you’ve got any other tips for emergency breakdown kit essentials!

Aug 14

Just Passed Your Test? Brilliant Second-Hand Motorcycles

Scanning the classified ads in Motorcycle News or Bike Trader can cause serious problems for the prospective purchaser. There are hundreds of fantastic-looking choices, and whether it’s your first 125, or your first big bike, without a little bit of guidance it’s easy to get lost. Here’s a look at some of the best choices in a variety of styles; of course you’ll need to make sure the individual machine is in good order, but at least this should whittle down the list a bit!

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Aug 14

The Hidden Truth Behind That New Car Smell

Have you ever sat inside a brand new car? If so, you will doubtless remember the unmistakable “new car smell” that hits you as soon as you get in!

As crazy as it sounds, some people base their new car buying decisions on that new car smell! Sensing how attractive it is, some companies have even tried to make air fresheners based on the scent.

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Aug 14

Is Cheap Petrol Really Bad For Your Car?

One thing that all car drivers will have noticed is the different prices of petrol in one area. Once upon a time, I came across two filling stations that were opposite each other on the same road. They both sold petrol, except one of them sold petrol around 3p per litre cheaper than the other!

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Aug 14

Amazing Tips to Make Any Car Look New

Have you just bought a car to use for your driving lessons? Or perhaps you bought one ready for when you pass your driving test? The chances are; your car will soon start to look dirty and dusty as time goes on.

And the more time that you spend driving your car, the less it will have that showroom shine! Does your car look like it hasn’t had a wash in years? If so, it’s time to do something about it. If you don’t mind getting stuck in, you can give your car a makeover. Intrigued? Here’s how!

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Aug 14

Know Your Driving Limits

numbers on road - know your driving limits

Since the changes made in January last year, lots of drivers have become confused over how old you have to be to do what on the road. So we thought we would make it easier with the <b>Magic Numbers of Driving!</b> so you know your driving limits.

Know Your Driving Limit One – 16

At 16 you can apply for a provisional moped licence and start driving a vehicle with an engine no bigger than 50cc that travels less than 31mph. But you only have 2 years to pass your CBT (compulsory basic training) before the licence expires.

16 is also the age at which you can apply for your provisional licence if you are eligible for Disability Living Allowance or want to drive some agricultural vehicles. Applications can be sent in 3 months before but they will only come into force on your birthday.

Know Your Driving Limit Two – 17

At 17 you are eligible to hold a provisional drivers licence for a car or small motorcycle and legally book your theory test and, once passed, your final driving test.

You can actually apply for your licence up to 3 months before or, if you already have a provisional licence for an agricultural vehicle or moped, entitlement to drive a car will come into force on your 17th birthday.

Know Your Driving Limit Three – 18

Currently there is no eligibility for 18 year olds, but with more and more noise coming from the government’s bid to push up the minimum driving age to 18, here at Book My Theory Test Online, we say watch this space…

Know Your Driving Limit Four – 19

19 is the minimum age for any driver who wishes to drive a medium sized motorbike (A2) holding an engine with a power output of no more than 35kW.

Know Your Driving Limit Five- 21

This is the age you must be to teach someone else to drive. You must also have held your own licence for more than 3 years.

At 21 you also become eligible to ride large motorbikes (category A) as long as you have passed the appropriate theory and practical tests.

Know Your Driving Limit Six – 23

It is only when you reach 23 that it is possible to use a standard motorcycle of at least 395 cc but less than 595 cc to take the practical part of your motorcycle driving test. That means that if you book your motorcycle theory test online before you are 21, it will expire before you can take your practical and you will have to sit it again.

Know Your Driving Limit Seven – 24

At 24 you are finally eligible to take any motorcycle to your practical driving test. These bikes usually have a minimum engine size of 595 cc with more than 40kW of power.

Know Your Driving Limit Eight – 70

All drivers in the UK are required to renew their driving licence at 70. For most, this is just a case of completing a form and sending it back to the DVLA. A process which has to be done every 3 years.

All Clear?

With regulation changing almost daily, we can’t say when the limits are going to move again. But at least you’ll stay updated with Book My Theory Test Online.

(Image Source: Flickr)