Jun 14

Getting An MOT: The Basics


It isn’t just you (the driver) that has to take tests to be fit for the road. When you get your own car, motorcycle or other vehicle you’ll also be responsible for making sure that it has an up to date MOT.

Designed to check that your vehicle is safe and worthy of the road, you’ll need to get an MOT test every year once the vehicle is over 3 years old. If you’re MOT is out of date, then you’ll be driving it illegally. So here at Book My Theory Test Online we’ve made a short guide to introduce you to the all-important MOT.

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Jun 14

5 Tips for Staying Alert on the Road


When learning to drive you learn the rules and regulations of the road, and of course master the skills necessary to drive a car. However one thing that you don’t learn is how to stay alert on long distance journeys.

Whether you have a job that requires you to commute all over the country, or you take the occasional road trip to visit friends and family, all drivers will have to overcome fatigue during driving at some point in their lives. So Book My Theory Test Online have come up with 5 top tips to help you stay safe and alert.

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