Apr 14

Why You Should Check a Used Car’s History Before You Buy It

buying-used-car-historyIf you are looking for your first car, or will be starting to look soon once you have passed your theory and practical tests, then you may well be thinking of buying a used car. Continue reading →

Apr 14

What Are Euro NCAP Safety Ratings And Why Are They Helpful in Choosing A Car?

euro_ncap_380249If you are starting to think about choosing a first car, then it can be hard to know where to start. You want a car that you can afford, that is not too expensive to insure as a new or young driver, that is going to be practical for your general needs in terms of passenger and luggage space, and which is going to be easy to drive and maintain. Another factor you may be concerned with is how safe your car is going to be. Continue reading →

Apr 14

The Safety Features on a Car That Can Save Your Life in a Collision

One of the things that drivers tend to worry about most is whether or not they and their passengers will be safe in a collision, and safety features are often a big factor in choosing a car. Continue reading →

Apr 14

4 Things Aside from Your Phone That Can Cause Distractions While Driving

You are probably aware that talking on the phone and texting can cause distractions while you are driving which can lead to dangerous driving and potential accidents. This is why you are only allowed to use your phone on a hands free basis while your car is moving. There are, however, a number of other things that can lead to distracted and therefore dangerous driving. While none of these things are technically illegal, you should watch out for them to keep you, your passengers and other road users safe! Continue reading →

Apr 14

Policies Relating to Hiring a Car as a Young Driver

If you are desperate for the freedom of having your own wheels but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to afford a car any time soon, or you want to drive when you are on holiday without having to take your car with you, you may think you can simply hire a car and use that. Unfortunately, for new drivers and young people, it is not that simple. While there are some circumstances under which a younger driver can get a hire car, and some car hire companies even offer special deals for students, there are still strict rules that can stand in the way of getting a rental car for many young people. Continue reading →

Apr 14

Could Proposed Changes to the Law Make it Harder to Get Your UK Drivers License?

In a bid to cut deaths on the road, the government are reported to be considering a major reform to the laws around getting your first drivers license. At present, in the UK, you can apply for a provisional license at the age of 17, and when you pass your theory and practical tests you get a full drivers license. Passing these tests is the only requirement – you do not have to have completed a specific number of driving hours. When you have your full license, even if you are still 17, you can drive at any time of day or night and can carry passengers. The only things you are limited by are the insurance you can afford, and the fact you can’t hire a car until you are 21. Continue reading →

Apr 14

What Are the Laws in the UK Relating to Driving and Mobile Devices?

using-mobile-phone-drivingMost people are aware that the use of a mobile phone is, in some cases, regarded as unsafe while driving and that there are laws that can cause you to be penalised if you are caught doing this. There is, however, a lot of confusion about what exactly is and is not allowed. The laws on things like texting and driving vary in different countries, and this has led to some misinformation about where the law in the UK actually stands at present. Continue reading →

Apr 14

Can You Use An App to Help You Pass Your Theory Test?

theory-test-appThese days, there is an app for just about everything, so if you are learning to drive and anticipating starting to study for your theory test, you may be wondering if you could use a mobile or tablet app to help you revise. Continue reading →

Apr 14

Top 5 First Cars for Young Drivers

When you’ve finally passed your driving test, it’s time to think about investing in a car if you aren’t lucky enough to already have one at home. There are lots of things to think about when buying a car – what you can afford, how much it will cost to insure, and how easy it will be to drive. Here are the top 5 first cars for young drivers from Book My Theory Test Online.
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