Mar 14

Top Tips For Driving Abroad

driving-in-europe-adviceSo you’ve booked your time off work, followed the Book My Theory Test guide to preparing for a motorcycle road trip and made it official. You’re going on a road trip abroad. Driving abroad, whether on a motorcycle or in the car, can be an incredible way to see a country and have the freedom to explore at your own leisure. However, it’s important that you follow the rules, stay alert and stay safe when driving in a foreign country, so here’s some top tips for driving abroad for a successful driving holiday. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Finding Your Feet on the Motorway: A Survival Guide

Considering that the whole of the UK is connected by endless numbers of motorway, finding your feet on the motorway can be a little daunting that you don’t tackle them in your driving lessons. Motorway driving can be dangerous, but as long as you learn a few basic rules and always stay alert, you really needn’t lose any sleep over it. Book My Theory Test Online are here to take you through the basics with a survival guide to motorway driving to help you get to grips with it. Continue reading →

Mar 14

5 Affordable Ways to Customise Your Car

So we’ve all seen Pimp My Ride and if you like customised cars, you’re probably wishing you had the crew on site with endless materials and a bottomless pocket to help you out with yours. However, realistically car customisation can be expensive if you’re thinking big. But it’s easy to start small when giving your car a makeover, and here are five easy and affordable ways to customise your car from Book My Theory Test Online. Continue reading →

Mar 14

Top 5 Tips for Learner Car Drivers

Learning to drive a car is like learning to ride a bike or to swim – practice makes perfect. Once you’ve perfected it, you have a skill for life. Book My Theory Test Online has put together 5 top tips for learner drivers to help guide you through the learning process, so that you can pass you can get a few steps closer to taking your all important practical driving test.

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